It is the time of maypoles, dancing in the May and trivialized sorcery. If you google Beltane and Walpurgis, you can read about esoteric or folk customs, that have been practised from ancient times on until today, in order to worship fertility and bring it about. The most cruel rituals, that take place around April 30 and May 1, apart from all these customs, are not written about on most of these sites.

By counselling survivors from ritual violence, I have become aware of many „festivals“ in these circles. And also to what else takes place besides funny dances and esoteric and  erotic customs at Walpurgis and Beltane. In circles, where ritual abuse takes place, children and adults are tortured and raped. Children are deliberately begotten. There are blood sacrifices and cannibalism. Yes – that sounds like content from scandinavian, gloomy thrillers. And most people will dismiss this as fairy tales and exaggerations. But the survivors, whether women or men, consistently report on these practices. And  their horror is real. And the horror, that takes place in these circles, is unfortunately also real.

For survivors of satanic ritual abuse, this day is a scare. The memories, body memories and many fears are to endure. Today Sofie von Sofies viele Welten wrote about it. And her article describes both, the horror and the incomprehensible, as well as a path of hope, the reconquest of self-determination. Sometimes through tears.

Tränen erzählen (Tears are telling)

Thanks Sofie, for your sharing.

If you want to learn more about ritual violence, you can also find information on Sofie’s blog. In a clever and sensitive way, she describes her own experiences as well as her healing path. And she explores many of the consequences, that survivors suffer. For example, having/being many personalities (DID), because most survivors have suffered many detachments from their core person (and then also from already split off personalities), sometimes targeted, sometimes as a by-product of the trauma, partly as a survival mechanism.

I was also particularly touched by Sofie’s account of how the children, who endure this unbelievable grief, are already back in school on May 2nd. And that nobody perceives them in this suffering. Because they were programmed ( their many outside and inside personalities are trained to do this job) to appear normal and inconspicuous under all circumstances and to keep the secrets. You teachers, neighbors, educators, parents of schoolmates, … and you intercessors: think of these children as well. Maybe by having for the first time the idea, that this stuff could be real. And that also in your class, your neighborhood, in your near surroundings could be such children. How likely that is, the survivors would tell you, if they could talk to you about it.

It would be nice to be able to write down a positive or conciliatory final thought. I would not succeed and it would not be appropriate. The dread is real for many people, for many children, in our country and around the world,and  not just to found between book covers. They experience it in their body and their soul and in  their spirit. We should start not to look away – but to see and perceive them.

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