Yesterday my friend wrote me a message. Full of enthusiasm, she wrote, that things were being revealed again. My warrior friend has been fighting since 2011 – first the fight has been in prayer, and now it is getting more and more concrete. The battlefield is a difficult one. It’s about child abuse. It’s about that kind of child abuse, that is barely heard in our media and in our society. Organized sexual abuse of children and (hardly separable – everything is somehow interwoven) ritual violence. My fighter friend has a long breath. She knows, that what she’s fighting for is not a short-haul, not a middle-distance – not even a marathon. There may be 42 marathons, or maybe 42 × 42 marathons … or maybe 42x42x42 …
The reason for yesterday’s joy was the following report, which was shown on Tuesday on ZDF. Starting at minute15:45, the report begins. It is about german men, who have Internet sex with children from the Philippines, or even fly there, in order to abuse and torture children. report goes on for about half an hour. Dutifully, I started to look, but after a few minutes I became incredibly tired. It was a kind of fatigue, that went through and through, unutterable and slaying. And I decided not to finish this movie. Because, after a few minutes, I already knew what to expect: German men and mostly Filipino girls. Horror at the cold-bloodedness of the perpetrators, at their practices, and the great denial, that goes along with this issue, but is slowly revealing.

The report reveals nothing new. Or did one of you still not know about it?

And that’s what makes me so tired. It is good, that it is reported. But will it last forever?

Why are there no high penalties? Why is the horror of these events so great, while the interest and perception of the same acts, that happen in our cities and, so to speak, „on your own doorstep“ is so small? Does anyone seriously believe, that the perpetrators do not live out their activities here? In our midst?

And here, we are confronted with the big denial. Because no one wants to realize, that this kind of crime happens everyday among us. That it could affect people you know. That it happens in my social class, just like any other.

The #metoo debate is a good one – but it shows, that we’re still at the very beginning. That just now it is realized, that adult women are often exposed to sexism, harassment and abuse. If this is already such a great realization, it becomes clear, that we are still at the very beginning.

Children are also traded in Germany. To make it quite clear: Even in Germany children are offered every day in exchange for money or other favors, to men and women with pedophile and / or sadistic tendencies. (Even the term „tendencies“ is a euphemism, that points to the great denial again.) Some of these girls and boys are from other countries. The movie „Operation Zucker“, which is great, deals with the topic. It can be seen on youtube.

Still relieved? After all, these are children from other countries, who are being traded? The makers of „Operation Zucker“ have produced a second part: „Operation Zucker – Jagdgesellschaft“. This one is about German children as victims. On youtube it is no longer available, but you can find a recording of the talk show Maischberger, which was a reaction to the film.

And even this film is just one side of reality. There are not just children from difficult or special circumstances, who become victims. The whole topic of „ritual abuse“ or „ritual violence“ is not yet included. Because there spills the „horror“ spills into the normal life. And there is so much denial and disinterest. 

The children of former generations, the victims of the 70s, 80s and 90s now are my clients, and in our counselling meetings, they speak of a horror, that is not reported in all the reports and films, that I mentioned above. That is a good thing, because it is hard to bear, and making it so public would meet people with voyeuristic „inclinations“. Sold boys and girls from back then. Girls and boys who come from „ritual circles,“ mostly because they were born into these, and somehow managed to break free. Or they are are in the process of realizing and breaking free. So far, I have dealt with nine women and men, who have this worst of backgrounds.


Let us count. Let’s say, that in every city in Germany there may be a pastor, a therapist, a counselor,  who knows about the subject, and is able to help. On average, nine people with the same background would come to them. There are 2060 cities in Germany. That would be 209340 current victims.

And that would only be those, who seek help. Who managed to realize. Who dared to communicate. And in cities like Berlin or Hamburg, etc., there are certainly more helpers, people come to. You could think further, and continue to calculate.

And I’m incredibly tired.

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